Anna Larsson Photography: Put Your Helmet On

Put Your Helmet On

Photo By Anna

In this big supermarket you should think of wearing a helmet before you enter,
and ask for a map, so you for sure will find your way out.
It's often a big mess of people and I'm proud to get out alive everytime.

I can't help thinking of what is the freaking thing of getting in to DRAMA about pork on sale
with people you don't even know?
This often happens around Christmas - sorry but I haven't got any shots of porksfights..
I will work on that - BUT I'm AGAINST violence so you get me right here!

5 kommentarer :

Petra C sa...


365photosin2009 sa...

I love this! All that repetition in the lights is really appealing to the eye and the pretty dusky sky is fantastic.

Chesney sa...

Cool crop, cool patterns, cool image!

annette sa...

Hi, hi!


Ulrica sa...

Jaaaa - visst kan det vara hemskt runt jultid. Eller påsken som nalkas... vad får folk att bli som galna i stora köpcentrum:)