Anna Larsson Photography: 8 Things Meme

8 Things Meme

I was taged by Mudhooks to this meme and by WTFDC to a similar one,
so here you go both of you!

8 things I look forward to:

1. To see my pictures in a real exhibition on the Museum next weekend
2. Meeting my 'twinsister'
3. My birthday
4. Getting to know someone more :)
5. Meeting someone
6. Discover more of my country and the world with my Canon
7. Travels!
8. Spending time with my inner voice

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Overslept
2. Photographed my world
3. Had coffee with my mother
4. Watched 'Grey Anathomy'
5. Spending time with my blog
6. Got curious..
7. Talked away some hours
8. A good day!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Fly (like Peter Petrelli in Heroes..) ?
2. Be endlessly confident
3. Find that significant other
4. I can't find more things..
I know I can do everything I want to
- if I only make up my mind :)

8 Shows I Watch On TV:

1. Heroes
2. Eleventh Hour
3. Ghostwhisperer
4. Lipstick Jungle
5. Grey's Anathomy
6. Sommer

Jag utmanar WTFDC, ni andra får gärna haka på också!

4 kommentarer :

annette sa...

Fint att läsa Dina tankar och svar om väldigt mycket, hur länge pågår utställningen där Du har Dina bilder med?

Kram //annette

Gärdsmygen sa...

Ska du ha utställning?? Vad spännande! Berätta gärna mer. Jag blir riktigt nyfiken, det låter jättekul!

whatthefuckdotcom sa...

Antaget och klartt ;)

Mojo sa...

So... when IS your birthday Anna?