Anna Larsson Photography: In Memory..

In Memory..

Photo By Anna

Of our, in that time - beloved festival-tent
We even named him.. Totte

I remember the hours with the text to the flag,
half covering Totte..
The flag was the sign for us to find our way home

For those of you who don't understand swedish..
The text on the flag says:

We where punk, hardcore
Latin Kings where just a fart..
I'm glad we didn't go for the smoke
- it could have been a big explosion
for god's sake!

I don't want to smoke people anymore
I'm done with my festivals
I still think Latin Kings is just a fart
in space

Each Saturday Participants From Around The World Post Photos Based On A Theme.
This Week's Photo Challenge is 'In Memory'

15 kommentarer :

jams o donnell sa...

I love your take on the theme! I love the idea of naming a tent. I take it that the Latin Kings were not quite as loud as, say, Arch Enemy? Happy weekend

Photo Cache sa...

Great take on the theme.

Happy weekend. Mine's up also.

Annie sa...

Love this post! I agree that naming a festival tent is so cool. Nice photo and take on the theme.

Kerstin sa...

Vilket roligt inlägg. Snyggt foto och läckert namn på tältet. :)
Må så gott.

candi sa...

Nice take one the theme! I love your photo and that you named the tent!

Happy weekend!

@nemonen sa...

Kul tält det där, och att ni namngivit det:-)

ancient one sa...

This is kinda funny to me... I love that everyone didn't take it too seriously... Good take !!

Sarge Charlie sa...

you made me smile

RJ Flamingo sa...

That's just great!

Mine’s In Memory of a great time to be repeated!

annette sa...

Härligt inlägg, och det tältet borde man ju hitta hem till även mitt i natten;)

KRAMEN //annette

Anonym sa...

Do I detect bitter-sweet memories?

Hootin' Anni sa...


My "In Memory" is posted. Have a great weekend.

Chesney sa...

Outstanding (as usual)! :)

JC sa...

There's a perfect memory to youth!

Anneke sa...

Interesting take on the theme!