Anna Larsson Photography: Allow


Photo By Anna
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Testing the soul's mettle,
the frost heaves
holes in the roads
to the heart,
the glass forest
raises up its branches
to praise all things
that catch the light
then melt

The forest floor is white,
but here & there a boulder rises
with its glacial arrogance
& brooks that bubble
under sheets of ice

Remind us that the tundra of the soul
will soften
if we
allow it to

One Single Impression

20 kommentarer :

Dagrun sa...

Jeg er stum! Du er dyktig. Bilde og ord blir til kunst hos deg.

Chesney sa...

Beautiful image and poem with it!! Love this!

Mimmi sa...

Häftig bild:)
en bild man får tänka efter lite på:)
ha en fin kväll

Mojo sa...

Damn, that's some of the best poetry I've ever seen you write. And that's a pretty high bar to clear.

What's the next step up from "Underbaraste"? (if I spelled that right).

Carver sa...

Beautiful shot and words too. I loved this.

sinneskatten sa...

Hoppas att du piggnat på dig.
Besvärligt när det blir så långdraget.
Kram Carina

Artlover sa...

Jag börjar gilla sådana här motiv allt mer. Den här tycker jag om i kombination av din dikt här. Bra kontraster som ger stuns i bilden.
Tack för din kommentar. Jag älskar vide angle just nu. Det ger vissa dramatiska effekter.
Hade gott vännen!

Brita sa...

Vilken häftig bild!

Sue sa...

beautiful poem, but I especially like the lines: "Remind us that the tundra of the soul/will soften"

Tammie Lee sa...

You show a unique and deep relationship with expressing yourself. Wonderful piece.

Your EG Tour Guide sa...

Wow! You express yourself well with words!

SandyCarlson sa...

Yeah. Exactly. I love the quiet in the wonder here.

Bengbeng sa...

i like the poem ..makes me think although the tundra is not relevant to me living in a lush tropical climate like Malaysia

Jeeves sa...

Lovely one

Anonym sa...

very well written.... expressive poem! :)

magiceye sa...

wow! superb image and poem!!

Tumblewords: sa...

Lovely, lovely!

Peter sa...

Härlig bild. Enkel och fint komponerad

The Dark Lord sa...

*GASP* This is just brilliant work.. A great composition, that speaks of wisdom, and of wonderful soulful resources.. The superb imagery makes the narration all the more potent..

zoya gautam sa...

.. delicate & spiritual ..

many thanks for sharing this ..