Anna Larsson Photography: Fear


Photo By Anna
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I am descending into the cave
of my own fear
My feet are weighted
with the leg-irons of the past
The elevator plummets
in the shaft

Trapped,trapped in the bowels
of my dream,
locked in the cellar
Rats and spiders scuttle
through the coal bin
I cower in the corner

I am fear

(C) Anna

Monday Poetry Train

8 kommentarer :

Jane Doe sa...

That is phenomenal. That so perfectly describes fear. As someone who suffers from panic attacks I really related to this poem. Fantastic writing!

Mojo sa...

Very vivid. Definitely a dark and scary place to be.

I hate rats.

Chesney sa...

Well fear, you just gave me goosebumps, wonderful interpretation!

kaye sa...

pretty scary, I hope those are doll feet :0

Marice sa...

hey sis.. got an award for u.. check my blog :)

Sean sa...

This one leaves me speechless. Very emotional!

Amit Gupta sa...

Wow....every time I come to ur blog i like it even more.....amazing stuff.....

Anonym sa...

Jag tolkar din dikt som en sällsamt sorglig beskrivning av hur upplevelser och erfarenheter lämnar outplånliga spår som präglar livet idag. En mycket vacker och skrämmande skrivning.

Kram, D