Anna Larsson Photography: My He-Man

My He-Man

Photo By Anna
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Sailing into your chest,
the white ship of my body
the sun-struck water
of your skin

You are the firehose
on my burning deck,
the radar,
in my fog,
the compass
in my starless night...

You are the prow
of Columbus' ship
kissing the lip
of the new world

(C) Anna

Monday Poetry Train

10 kommentarer :

Julia Smith sa...

Love your closing lines:

'You are the prow
of Columbus' ship
kissing the lip
of the new world'

Your He-Man is a bold explorer.

gautami tripathy sa...

Wonderful poem..

a single thought

JanePoet ~ JP/deb sa...

Love the photograph and the image of your words!


Vita Stunder sa...

@ Julia Smith: I promise you, he is! ;)

Jane Doe sa...

This is amazing! I love your metaphors and the last lines are particularly powerful. A beautiful poem!

Mojo sa...

Just ... big smiles. :D

Linda Jacobs sa...

It's so hard to come up with fresh metaphors for love but you managed it here! Wonderful writing!

Anne sa...

Bare en ting å si = vakkert

anthonynorth sa...

Excellently done, especially at the end. A great image.

AnAestheticBard sa...

Love’s images seem to take shape intuitively through out, transmitting intense, elusive sensations.I loved it.The photograph is great.Give us more.