Anna Larsson Photography: Now Begins With You

Now Begins With You

Photo By Anna
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The walls are lined with remembered kisses
warm as your belly against mine,
deep as your navel leading home,
making memories of the future,
straightening out my crocked past,
teaching me to live in the present present tense
with the past perfect and the uncertain future
suddenly certain for certain
Now begins & begins again
with you, with you, with you

(C) Anna

Monday Poetry Train

6 kommentarer :

Mojo sa...

Wow Anna that's... just astonishingly beautiful. Glad to see you back again, I was getting a little concerned. But from the sound of this I guess it was a good thing. Happy!


Jane Doe sa...

That is so beautiful! A simply stunning read!

Danudin sa...

And you only Have "NOW"! Good use of the Now that was "Then"

Brita sa...

Fantastiskt härligt! Så fint så fint så fint.

Artlover sa...

Det är härligt att läsa din diktning med bild där till. Det är så träffande på något sätt.

Anonym sa...

Det är så fantastiskt vackert skrivet så att det nästan gör ont att läsa, Anna.