Anna Larsson Photography: The Talisman (Of Because)

The Talisman (Of Because)

Photo By Anna
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Because your eyes are the color of shadows on Chartres Cathedral
Because your sunglasses are smoke
Because smoke curls out of your ears to music
Because your unshaved skin shades the letters of your words
Because your neck is planted in your shoulders
Because your tiny nipples rise to meet my tongue
Because the navel of your earth has never been discovered by Columbus
Because we are going downward

Because the black hair whorls on your belly
Because your knees are mountain ranges
Because my mouth is a valley of melting snow
Because your lovemuscle is no metaphor
Because your thighs are horses galloping
Because your feet are the beginning and the beginning again
Because their soles tattoo the air
Because we are going we are going downward

(C) Anna

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26 kommentarer :

@nemonen sa...

Vilken fin text. Skriver du dikter på svenska? Jag gillar dina texter över lag. Bilden och texten blir alltid en så fin helhet.

Vita Stunder sa...

@ @nemonen: Jo jag skriver dikter på svenska OCKSÅ, men då flertalet av mina besökare inte förstår svenska skriver jag mig på engelska just nu! :)

Anne sa...

Du Anna er min svenske helt, til helvete med både Bjørn Borg, Abba og Ingmar Stemark!! Love you.

Vita Stunder sa...

@ Anne: Love you too snuppa!
Ja, de där gamla uvarna kan börja skaka tänder nu ;) Här kommer jag!

mimmi sa...

Jag gillar din bild här:D
och texten var väldig fin . så du har varit nära marken idag med kameran;)
Det har jag också .idag alltså ..
i morgon skall det bli dåligt väder igen ..så då blir det ingen promenad för mig antar jag.
ha en mysig resterande lördags kväll:)

troglodyte sa...

En dikt att drömma i. Så otroligt vackert, Anna.

SandyCarlson sa...

Romantic, loving, and tenderly erotic. A beautiful poem. Because.

Chesney sa...

What a clever interpretation, this really is beautiful!

Daryl sa...

I lichen this post BECAUSE you are sharing its beauty

spacedlaw sa...

Great song of love.

Sweetest in the Gale sa...

Sensuous, gorgeous...filled with passion and love. Beautiful poem!

Beth P. sa...

Reminds of the Song of Solomon!
Beautiful--thanks for stopping by the Virtual Tea House!

Tammie Lee sa...

yes, because!
romantic and warmly erotic.

Kathiesbirds sa...

Very erotic indeed!

Yellow Tulip sa...

sensuous and erotic:)..loved it dear)...beautiful take:)

Mojo sa...

Whew! Okay, I don't need coffee to get my eyes open this morning now.
Marvelous imagery!

Julia Smith sa...

That is my kind of talisman.

anthonynorth sa...

Sensual and emotional at the same time.
Excellent words.

PS : De-abbreviate as you like ;) sa...

quite a different one !

Jim sa...

Anna, ooowie! (I squiggle and sqirm). Say that in my ear and I'll love you from top to bottom!
Those are powerful words no matter where we will end ("Because we are going we are going downward").

Brita sa...

Beautiful, just beautiful!
Helt fantastiskt alltså.
Tack för även denna dikt, wow....

zoya gautam sa...

.. the color of shadows on Chartres Cathedral..

juxtaposed with the balance with which you phrase

ur "Sensual and emotional " words .. is delicate ..

many thanks for sharing this ..

gel sa...

Sensuality oozes from this poem.
Enjoyed (and I wish my husband wasn't asleep...) *wink*

(I realize you came by for my current poem but you may enjoy reading my previous post, too: Click here please

Anonym sa...


Quiet Paths sa...

Truly fascinating... the repetition works so well here and the images are so vivid! woota!

Geraldine sa...

Wow, you do have a way with words. This is hot!!!