Anna Larsson Photography: Courageous


All Rights Reserved (C) Anna

You call me
I who grew up
gnawing on books
as some kids
on bubble gum

Fear was my element,
fear my contagion
I swam in it
til I became
The plane takes off
& I laugh out load
Call me courageous

I am still alive

(C) Anna

Monday Poetry Train

17 kommentarer :

Kilauea Poetry sa...

This was deep, nice piece-

Veronica sa...


christina sa...

I can see it in your eyes
I can feel it in my heart
Because somewhere, somehow are we in same position
and you are not alone


Sylvia sa...

Oh, you are a brave woman... I hear so many times the sentence "If you don't feel fear, you're no hero!" And it's right. To be a hero is to be conscient of the risks, still face them. I love the expression "gnawing on books". I grew like that too. They made me what I am.

Brita sa...

Strongt! Jätte fint. Du är modig, det vet vi - you're not alone.

Vita Stunder sa...

<3 You rock my world!

Julia Smith sa...

There are still a number of things I fear, but I hammer away at them anyway. That's how I know that I, too, am still filled with life.

Enjoyed your poem and your graphic.

gabrielle sa...

I have tried to write this poem many times. I inevitably wind up with too many words. (I ate telephone books). Thank you for your courage.

Mojo sa...

"It's not courage if you're not terrified." Words to live by (which is how they came to be in my blog header).

Yes, Anna, I call you courageous because you are still alive. Some would have bowed out. And it would have been a shame if you had as well.

This world is a nicer place with you in it.

Chesney sa...

Wow, you are courageous and a spot of color in my virtual world! Awesome!

deepteshpoetry sa...

Folowed u up from the poetry train.Beutifully written!Grt imagery!Chk my post for d train as well...

Bengbeng sa...

you are indeed alive and full of spirit and energy if the blog is a representation of yr spirits :)

Anne sa...

Ordene tar pusten fra meg Anna. Og jeg smiler!!!! faktisk, stolt av deg og hele hjertet mitt er fylt av en glede over at du har blitt så sterk. Bare elsker deg for den DU ER :-)

Bildet, mange ansikter, mange utttykk, og vi er vel innimellom ltt der alle sammen, men ulike følelser på innsiden, har masker på, og ulike hatter på hodet.
Allikevel sitter en her med en litt sånn Andy Warhol følelse.

Ha en superstart på uka min venn, opp smil og la det positive ta overtaket.

Klem fra din norske venn.

Anonym sa...



Daryl sa...

Personally I call you talented and I am happier for knowing you through that talent

Sepiru Chris sa...

Hello Anna,

I visit via the Monday Poetry Train.

Interesting, and enjoyable, take on courage. I obliquely referenced anti-courage, via François de la Rochefoucauld, in one of my poem's this week.

I enjoyed this.

Would you mind if I made one suggestion, Anna?

It is simply a spelling choices; I could be wrong, but I think that you might have intended laugh out "loud" instead of 'load'.

That is it.


gautami tripathy sa...

Like this!

ode to remnants of love