Anna Larsson Photography: Set Us Free..

Set Us Free..

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Vita Stunder sa...

I CURSE myself for not using my tripod and the freaking flash in this area.
But I'll be back!

Hear their voices..

Instead of fa-la-la-la, I give you a part of reality.
A screaming voice, that needs to be heard.
I send love and peace to this place, to all these humans -
Now it's your choice if you close your eyes or leave them open.

Peaceful X-mas,

Mojo sa...

The tripod, yeah, I can see where you'd benefit from that. But I like the ambient lighting. It throws some interesting shadows. And those are what make this shot.

David C. sa...

Anna, I don't think you can improve on this, but it might be interesting to try. The ambient light makes this look like the view through a keyhole and a bit of blur adds to the atmosphere.
Happy Holidays,
David C.

Anne sa...

En stor kunstner, det er det du er min venn. En kunstner med et stort hjerte.

Varm klem fra Anne.

Lang mail skal komme når dagene igjen blir litt roligere og denne dama får litt fri!!

Vita Stunder sa...

@Anne: Tusen tack snuppa min!

christina sa...

Konstnärligt, som alltid Anna och jag håller med dig i dina ord. Låt oss hålla ögonen öppna och göra vad vi
kan för att iinte blunda. Vi behöver varandra mer än någonsin nu! Kramar i överflöd till dig!!

Sylvia sa...

I enlarged the image to see it better. Good heavens, I think I could see what you saw. So much suffering. It really looks like those old prisons, where people were held until they died. I don't know what to say. Extraordinary and sad, to think that people may be suffering even after they died. "There are more things in Heaven and Earth that simple human minds can reach"... Or some quotation alike. I think it is a mystery for you to dig out. If I was closer I would do it too.
Merry Christmas to you, my friend!

Robin sa...

Goodness, this one has quite a sinister feel to it. *shiver*

webruci sa...

Wow Anna! You are like Scully in X Files.:) Take care where you playing.
This is realy misterios...!
Hugs Robert.

Anonym sa...

I think the tripod would ruin this image. It's brooding and moody. Sharp focus would set a different (wrong) mood Anna. I like it this way.

Carver sa...

Powerful photograph and also what you wrote here in the comment section was true. If everyone took off the blinders maybe real change could come. I think the photograph is very effective as is. If you hadn't said you needed to use a tripod I wouldn't have known.

Anonym sa...

you have taken a perfect shot with a story that rivals any nightmare. trapped and hunted and no where to go, no hope, no life, but yet still in the darkness we do find hope.

I would not chnage a thing, you have done well... I have been to places like this and what i saw was in the past... but your shot brought it into the now, the present.. haunting

magiceye sa...

powerful image

Digital Flower Pictures sa...

Sometimes you have to go with the equipment at hand. I think it is a powerful image.

Bengbeng sa...

this post is a little frightening... if u had used better lighting or a tripod i think the effect would have been different and perhaps not so good

RuneE sa...

meget sterkt - men alt for sant i for mange tilfeller.

Uansett: God Jul til deg!

mononeil sa...

Tripod yes, Flash No. Wonderful use of natural light and leads to an scary looking image. Nice one.

Jane sa...

Great shot, and very atmospheric-I try not to use the flash if I can avoid it, unless its really dark-but I don't think you needed it here.

Have a very merry christmas:)

Heidi sa...

Being a mother I have learned to find peace even though there is a screaming voice in the background. And what a perfect time out chair you've captured!

Very stunning photo as always. I enjoy every visit that I make.
Oh and thank you a long time ago for letting me know what kind of Camera you use. I finally bought a Canon and I love it. It's not as nice as what you are shooting with, but it will get me started!

If you'd like to stop by my blog I'm at Cake Crumbs.

Sukhmandir Kaur sa...

It makes a very powerful statement. I wouldn't change a pixel!

mimmi sa...

Hoppar in och önskar dig en riktig god jul :)

Daryl sa...

Awesome image

Merry Christmas!

Lallis - liv och leverne sa...

En riktigt härlig fortsättning på julen önskar jag dig.
Kram Lallis

Ulrica sa...

Anna, ingen kan fånga världen som du med din kamera. Jag tittar vidöppet och låter ingen skrämma mig.... jag omfamnas.