Anna Larsson Photography: Towards The Future

Towards The Future

All Rights Reserved (C) Anna

This constant ache
is my body's message to me.
"Hello. Hello. Hello.
You're getting there", it says,
"step by step".

Legs aren't stars
which sputter out
& go on gleaming anyway
I've lived with
phantom limbs

but this fracture
dosen't point to
amputation. No.
It hisses something
much more final.

Skin lantern,
necklace of teeth,
the bones & sinews
are in revolt against us.
We keep them down

with little bribes:
vitamins, drugs
& now these pounds of plaster,
but they will bury us,
good bolsheviks,

& know it.
So they've got time to bide.

Meanwhile: spread-eagled
on these crutches, a cripple
sucking the ground with rubber

nipples, or else a knight,
up to my ass in armor,
I limp & swing my way
across the street
& up the steps,

moving, here & now,
step by step,
towards my rebirth,

towards the future.

(C) Anna

Tema Fredag

Monochrome Weekend

21 kommentarer :

Mojo sa...

This photo -- and even more the poem -- both are infused with such an incredible strength.

Yes, you are getting there. Step by step, through sheer force of will. And soon you will look back at the long uphill climb over the rocks and the tangles and the obstacles and realize that you're standing at the top, where no shadow falls on you.

And I am so damn proud of you I could just about cry.

Happy Birthday my friend, and a happy re-birth day as well.

Varmaste Kramar!

Daryl sa...

So fabulous .. as are you! Dear Anna, I wish you a wonderful day, year, life .. filled with only the best, happiness, health (and a little prosperity couldnt hurt!)xo

Carver sa...

That's a powerful poem and shot.

Happy Birthday to you! I hope the year ahead is a great one.

Steve Borichevsky sa...

Happy Birthday Anna!

Pumita sa...

När det gör ont att leva får man samla ihop all sin viljestyrka och fortsätta ändå och hoppas att det kommer bättre dagar. Hoppet är det vackraste som finns. Önskar dig allt gott! Och en finfin födelsedag! :)

Tack för din kommentar hos mig! Jo, en gång bloggare, alltid bloggare. Jag "stod ut" i nästan ett år men trillade dit igen. Kul att vara tillbaka! ;D

Sylvia K sa...

Very powerful words indeed, Anna! I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! I'm holding good thoughts for you! You're a very courageous woman and I do admire you!


Dave sa...

Happy birthday Anna,
this one is for you. (got the idea from our friend Mojo)

sinneskatten sa...

Anna, jag är stolt över att få vara med om din resa som verkligen är "på väg".

Jah Hollis sa...

En vacker bild och en personlig tolkning av temat.

Mama Zen sa...


Happy Birthday!

Erik "Semlan" sa...

Gillar fotot. Tycker att grenen påminner om en alligator eller liknande kräldjur. Du tar i. Har inte följt dig och din blogg, men det verkar som du fyller år idag (om du är tvilling) av andra kommentarer. Då stämmer jag upp i Happy Birthday jag också. :-) Tack för din kommentar.

Anonym sa...

you are good.... so very good...

Anonym sa...

A powerful image and powerful words Anna. The tones and textures are dark and sublime at the same time. Excellent!!!

RuneE sa...

Du har virkelig et optimistisk syn på fremtiden :-)

Men du formidler det synet på en veldig god måte, både verbalt og visuelt.

Wildhearts sa...

Så vackert och tänkvärt! Ha det riktigt bra!

Dragonstar sa...

Beautifully textured photo.

T. Becque sa...

Like the darkness of your image. Your poem is wonderfully descriptive. Nice!

Brita sa...

Wow! Getting there.... Happy birthday!

magiceye sa...



Deepak Acharya sa...

Liked the poem :)

Anonym sa...

A (very belated) Happy Birthday to you! These words are beautifully constructed music for the mind...

Be well, Anna.