Anna Larsson Photography: Sceptical


Photo By Anna
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It is time for us living in Sweden to make up our minds
before the vote this weekend

I captured this scene infront of Moderaternas cabin
I like studying people
Alrighty maybe a little bit more, when I got shots like this
I'm pretty sure this woman won't vote for Moderaterna

What do you think?

8 kommentarer :

@nemonen sa...

Nis hon ser verkligen skeptisk ut. Snyggt foto.

Anonym sa...

perfect use of the word!

Kerstin sa...

Nja, det verkar inte riktigt så. ;)
Snygg tolkning.

Chesney sa...

She does have a look of wary on her face! Great capture and theme!

mljrbg sa...

What ever she is contemplating this is a fabulous shot!!

Ulrica sa...

Nä - hon ser verkligen skeptisk ut. Bra fångat! Ett dokumentärfoto:)

Anonym sa...

She looks skeptical but relaxed too. I like this shot very much!

Mojo sa...

I... um... don't know who Moderaterna is, but she looks like she'd be tough to convince of must about anything once her mind is made up.