Anna Larsson Photography: Learn Your Tags..

Learn Your Tags..

Photo By Anna
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This tag could actually be pretty cool IF it was spelled correct
Everyone knows that the missing letter here is a T,
and of course - get rid of the C

I must have a word or two with these 'tagers'
They could do some free ads for my friend,
To make up for the spelling errors
This post is for you!

8 kommentarer :

Chesney sa...

You nailed this one! :)

whatthefuckdotcom sa...

Hahaha, underbart :D

Vita Stunder sa...

And for those of you who got no idea what WTF stands for:
What The Fuck :)

@nemonen sa...

Häftigt värre.

Kerstin sa...

Haha, klockrent! :)
Ha det gott.

Ulrica sa...

Ja, tänk de där killarna eller tjejerna har ju noll koll:)

Mojo sa...

Maybe that's WTF in another language? Makes a pretty cool photo whatever it says.

Amanda 's k a n d a l i s m' sa...

najs äre!