Anna Larsson Photography: Stairway


Would You Buy Me A Stairway To Heaven?

Thematic Photographic is hosted by WRITTEN INC

11 kommentarer :

Mojo sa...

I don't think such a thing can be bought. But it can be given.

I love the sky in this shot. Very "Elemental"!

And you were right. The black background really does enhance your work. Very dramatic.

Anne sa...

En av mine favoritter og det der ja, både bilde og melodi :-)

Nydeleig vakkert.

The Explorer sa...

The photo and the note are almost perfect.


annette sa...

Ännu en fantastisk bild Anna, kanske inte vill köpa Dej det, men önskar jag kunde ge Dej det som gåva.

Ps. Tack, Dina bilder väcker känslor ibland som gör att jag skriver annorlunda här än annars!



Nicole sa...

I was just going to say: What a cool stairway to heaven, grin :D

Ulrica sa...

Snyggt med svart bakgrund... lyfter fram dina bilder.

Men nej, du får ingen stege av mig. Tror inte himlen är "such a nice place."

Chesney sa...

This does look like a climb to the heavens w/ that dramatic sky! Awesome!

@nemonen sa...

Härlig bild med en stege mot skyn. Din sida har blivit dramatisk, och den är kanonsnygg med den svart bakgrunden. Dina bilder kommer faktiskt mer till sin rätt, och det passar bra till din nya header.

Carmi sa...

If the stairway could be as evocative as this shot, most definitely yes. This is a great, stark vision that gets the mind churning. I especially love how you contrasted the hard edges of the engineering against the patchwork sky.

Very elemental indeed!

Anonym sa...

Excellent view :)

Kerstin sa...

Riktigt, riktigt snyggt Anna.